The Modern Blacksmith

The crashing hammer, ringing in his ear,
Resonating deeply with yesteryear.
The walls trembling, quaking with ev'ry strike,
In fear of ev'ry weapon, forged alike.
An ancient shadow cast along his life,
Far gone the days where mortals need the knife.

Eyes that once gazed in fires now on a screen,
No longer daydreaming in fields of green.
Everything changed in the blink of an eye,
Now our blacksmith must don a suit and tie.
Ancient magic, now imprisoned in tech,
Is used in abundance, not kept in check.

One night, absorbed, he toiled through it all,
And jolted awake to the rooster's call.
Weary and tired, he found he was late,
He had a meeting to get to, it was fate.
He grabbed his belongings quickly off the couch,
With his sword mistakenly in his pouch.

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