The Anti-Poem

A little known fact, the artist once knew:
There's more than five shades to the color blue,
And with every failed adventure of yours,
Comes seven more a-knocking at the doors
Of yet unopened worlds for you to see,
If only you knew of what they could be!

This was my mother's poem -- her guiding principle bestowed upon her by God, himself. Because of it, she found success in her creative passions: writing, art, music, etc. Though she was a single mother, she managed to self-publish a best-selling line of books that was later turned into a one of the greatest movie franchises of the century.

Any time she was asked about her success, she would repeat the poem and say that she was "blessed by God to have been given both meter and rhyme."

For millennia, humanity has used their guiding poems to achieve greatness. After the end of kindergarten, all children were asked to read their poems to a review panel who would then decide their fate depending on the contents of the poem, itself. If it mentioned advancement of human civilization, the child would be driven towards science and technology. If it mentioned creating something new, the child would be taught art or music. If it could not be fully understood, the child would be sent to the miscellaneous school until they discovered their talent and could proceed down the appropriate track. If a student were to remain miscellaneous until high school, they were generally considered to be purposeless, the lowest type of human.

I was one such individual. Even so, I managed to open a huge number of businesses and am now one of the richest people in the world.

Here is my poem:

You are unbound from the world's rules.
Do as you please.

Sometimes the best way to succeed is by breaking tradition.

Prompt: Everyone gets a poem when they are born, and the quality and length of the poem decides the quality and length of their life. Your poem was only two lines long and didn’t even rhyme, yet you managed to become the world’s richest person and are still living well past your hundredth year.

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