Princess is in Another Castle

They say that dreams are doorways into the soul, which might be true for most people, but for me they seem to be doorways into different universes entirely. Every night, I leave the comfort of my room and enter a world of adventure and mystery, returning with an object in hand.

A literal object.

I never remember what I did or why the object is important, but every night I wake up with something new.

When I was younger, it was simple things: A toy train, a flower, maybe a dagger at worst. Now, things have become quite different. Everything seems to have a distinct theme, as if I return to the same universe again and again with every dream.

Last month, it was Harry Potter. I have 2 wands, an invisibility cloak, a bunch of weird chocolates, and what I believe to be a polyjuice potion that I didn't dare drink.

This time, the theme took a bit longer to figure out. At first, I found bricks, then coins. Then I found a weird egg the size of my torso and some green and red mushrooms I saved in the fridge. When I brought back a red turtle shell, it hit me. I was entering the super Mario universe!

When I woke up this morning, I had stolen something I never thought was possible: A living, breathing human. She was slightly shorter than I was with golden hair and blue eyes. She stared at me with a blank expression before softly asking, "Mario?"

There was no doubt, this was none other than Princess Peach.

I took a deep breath and stared at the ceiling for a moment before saying, "No. I'm not Mario. I don't know how you got here, but maybe I'll cook you some mushrooms for breakfast?"

As I left the bed and walked to the kitchen, I began wondering so many things all at once: Can she work? How will I get her valid identification? Will she have to live with me or can I send her off to my friends?

Am I the reason the princess is always in another castle?

Prompt: You involuntarily bring back souvenirs from your dreams, simple things like a flower or some dirt, an article of clothing, a paintbrush. This morning, you awake next to another person.

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