The Unsettling Sandwich

Small, fleshy tendrils convulsed in midair, bathed by a pale, synthetic light. Their owner -- A tall creature with beady eyes and a shortened snout -- stood expressionless above the table, examining its prey which had long since deceased. The creature appeared to have evolved from some form of mammal, not too dissimilar from us, but its bones seemed to have grown beyond what its skin could cover, as small pieces extruded from the tips of each of its feelers. Its fur was completely missing, except atop its head where it flowed a few feet towards the floor.

It clacked its unnaturally red lips, stained by the blood of other Earthly creatures, before slowly clasping the object on the table. Unlike other animals, the creature had the intelligence to combine several different forms of prey and had ground and baked different ingredients to create yet another dish. One that was more fitting of its gruesome pallette.

In its final form, the food had a soft, white outer shell and was filled with what could only be described as ground bones and blood. As the creature bit into it, red goo oozed from the back, falling back onto the table where a small plate rested, ready to catch any crumb so it could savor every last bite.

These creatures had become commonplace as of late, slowly taking over the world we once knew, forcing us into hiding. Legend has it that they will eat anything and everything they can find, but not before torturing it and flaying its dead corpse. These creatures were intelligent, ruthless, and vengeful. They were unwilling to share their space with other types of animals would happily murder others to have their way.

As I slowly backed into the shadows, watching the bag of flesh from behind a rut in the wall, I began to wonder what it's concoction tasted like. For something prepared so delicately, it must taste reasonable, right? I hadn't eaten in so long. There was nowhere to find food anymore after these beasts began stealing everything they could find and killing all my brethren.

Soon, the light was turned off, leaving the room in complete and utter darkness. If I were to escape, now would be my time. I listened for the creature's movements, waiting for the creaking floor to stop before dashing past the table it had been feasting at before. I could make it. There was a door at the far side of the room, if I could just...

The light turned on, and the creature shook the entire room with its shriek. I could feel my heart beat faster, I just had to keep running, but I could hear the giant's footsteps quickly stomping behind me as it roared.

I made it out into the tall grass and kept running as far as I could. I don't know how far, I ran exactly, but it was far enough that I could no longer see the house from the ground. I climbed a tree and looked behind me, ensuring it had not followed.

From this height, I could see the house in the distance and the ominous shadow of the creature, illuminated from behind by the same light as before. It was undoubtedly guarding its territory with guttural growls and shrieks, waiting for another animal to murder and consume.

This is the world from the perspective of a rat, watching a human eat a sandwich. Peanut butter and jelly, to be precise.

Prompt: Describe a completely normal scenario or activiry in a fashion that makes it unsettling.

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