Afraid of the Light

I don't understand why anyone would ever go outside when the sun is out. It's hot, blinding, and will literally burn anything and everything it touches.

Cloudy days are much better. I can easily go outside without sunscreen or having to squint. In fact, rainy days are even better than that! I love the feeling of cool water dripping down my neck while running.

Also, swimming in a downpour is such a wonderful experience. It's just so surreal. On the surface, the world is in chaos, with globs of water falling from the heavens above, all coalescing into a beautiful white noise that drowns everything else out.

When diving deeper, the chaotic nature of the world above disappears completely into utter silence. The world below doesn't know or care about the storms above. Fish still swim. Reeds still grow. The sand hardly moves at all.

The surface of the water, once a window reflecting the bridge between the two worlds has become a tumultuous mirror, reflecting whatever images its surface can find.

I think the most beautiful part has nothing to do with imagery. It has nothing to do with any physical aspect of the scene I described. No. I think the most beautiful part is still one step deeper:

In that moment when you dip below the surface, it is possible to feel absolutely alone.

No sounds. No harsh sunlight. No people.

As of late, I've slowly come to realize that it's not sunlight that I hate, but the people it brings along with it.

For someone with social anxiety, there is nothing more terrifying than a human in broad daylight.

Prompt: While everyone else was always afraid of the dark, you've been afraid of the light, and now you know why.

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