Rhyming Truths

To rhyme all the time is woeful curse,
But in all honesty, it could be worse!
When I found the withered monkey's paw,
At first, I stared at it in utter awe!
I thought long and hard about what to say,
But it still got me and turned me this way.
I wished that everything I said came true,
But I started to rhyme out of the blue!

I figured this meant I got my power.
I could rule the world! Make bullies cower!
I could warp reality to my whim,
Or force my folks to say, "I'm proud of him!"
I jumped in the shower and had a thought,
I could stop battles before they were fought!
My newfound power could usher in peace!
But wouldn't that make a weird space-time crease?

I couldn't risk changing the world too much,
I had seen this trope in movies and such.
I thought I should start with little white truths,
Things to help me out with my fellow youths.
I stepped out of the shower, steam arose.
I looked into the mirror and then froze.
"That is perfect," I thought, "Let me do that."
My body was gross. I could trim my fat.

"You are thin, fit, and beautiful to boot,
When people look at you, they give a hoot!"
I really should have paid more attention...
My body changed in water retention!
After the change, I became a cute girl,
I looked at myself and did a quick twirl.
I thought to myself, "This isn't half bad,
I wonder if my parents would be mad..."

"You have always been cute, attractive, and smart.
You excel in math, history, and art.
You are the fastest swimmer in the pool,
And there is no one that calls you a fool."
Soon, all the memories came flooding in,
"You are happy," I thought, "Always have been."
I knew it was wrong, but it felt so right...
So I couldn't help but squeal in delight.

When I went downstairs, I saw my dad too,
He then hugged me and said, "I'm proud of you."
My powers are awesome, mighty, and great,
But I kinda just wanted a clean slate.
When I was the old me, I was a dunce,
I really wanted happiness for once.
Now that it's found, I do not want to change.
I'll do my best not to say something strange.

I'm trying to get better with poetry! Sorry!

Prompt: Anything you say comes true, but with a catch...your sentences need to rhyme.

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