Santa Stole the Money

Long ago, children wanted toys and treats, But now they seek random playstation feats. All of the kids just want games and gadgets, Things that can not be built with some hatchets. It used to be that with hardworking elves, Santa could replicate goods on the shelves.

Nowadays, even as he tried harder, The youth did not view his gifts with ardor. Though elves are smart, they couldn't really cope. They said to programming, "yeah... that's a nope." All the gadgets and gizmos needed skills. Santa needed money to pay the bills.

So he hatched some plans to collect money. He dressed elves in robes so they looked funny. He sent them to beg at stores all around, But the money they gained was not profound. "There must be a way to collect more cash..." Santa pondered while rubbing his mustache.

So he thought and he thought all day and night, And stress-ate so much that his pants were tight. He could not make toys that were good enough. Maybe it was time to start to act tough. He knew everything about everyone. Santa thought, "With this I can steal a ton!"

In the dead of night, while all were resting, There was a man, wide awake and testing. Throughout the world, he was known to be kind, But today was different, as they would find. If a chimney was attached to a bank... Santa would take the money, to be frank.

With the cash he gained from a single night, The kids were delivered their toys alright! But then after a little time elapsed... Well, the entire economy collapsed. So Santa's victory was bittersweet, He learned his lesson to no longer cheat.

Note: Not really happy with the rhymes and this one, so might come back to it later.

Prompt: Santa is strapped for cash this Christmas so this year before Christmas he Robs all the banks in the world in one night.

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